Horse Horoscope 2018

What is your Horse Chinese Horoscope Prediction for 2018?
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The Horse in the dog Year 2018 

This year, those born in the sign of the Horse get remarkably mobilized and have great expectations. They make big and ambitious plans.

All they have to do is to stay active and keep a clear mind to make a careful selection of these.

However, this is the time when they become convinced that it is not all up to them. All sorts of unplanned obstacles, delays and events can appear and affect the development of their plans. Actually, they can be the very ones to affect the evolution of things. And this happens only if, blinded by their goals and ambitions, they forget to stay real and prudent.

Being hasty and shallow can cost them pretty much this year. To obtain the results they want, the Horse only has to be just as firm, but more prudent and more careful to details.

This year is less favorable to radical changes in their lives; the best thing to do is to follow the road they already know and to try and maximize their earnings. The experience they have gained in their field becomes very useful now.

On the other hand, they can now benefit from their friends and upholders support. They are the type of people that are very good at attracting those around them into pursuing a common goal. But now it is important to suppress their rebellion and independence thoughts and keep close to them the people who wish them well.

The year 2015 could have been the year of a new beginning on the professional level. Now, the perspectives have changed; but 2018 could be a very good year for being appreciated and rewarded for their activity. It is also a year with high chances of promotion; they are well seen and they have enough people around them to support and encourage them.

For those involved in activities on their own (liberal professions and so on…) this year is remarkable. They have the chance to increase their clientele: they are being recommended by their clients, they get known, they are acknowledged as good specialists in their field. As a consequence, they can adjust their charges with direct effects on their income.

Being hasty and shallow could affect the Horse on a financial level. It would do them good to have patience and analyze all the offers and their details when it comes to significant purchases. The thought of easily recovering their investment might make them be hasty when choosing the supplier and the service package. They could very well ask for the advice or the support of someone with knowledge in that field because they have all the resources to receive correct and pertinent ideas and information.

Their great plans for this year are also about their family life. They want to improve their living conditions: change homes or make changes inside home. Although they only want the best for their families, it would a good thing not to forget to ask the other members of the family how they appreciate their ideas and plans, as well.



• For those born in the year of the Metal Horse, the warnings regarding their imprudence are greater. That’s why it would be so much more useful if they asked for someone’s close opinion before starting an important project. The professional level seems to be prominent as they can prove their talents and vision.

• For those born in the year of the Water Horse, the professional and the social level have good prospects. They have access to and also success in circles of influential people who appreciate their qualities and offer them interesting opportunities to be on the spotlight. On an emotional, family level, this is the time when they put all the efforts into keeping the loved ones close. There are many talks, time spent together, common projects, all these in order to tighten up the connection between their family members.

• For those born in the year of the Wood Horse, the year 2018 is the year when they are going to want to achieve many things; too many maybe. It is important to focus their ambition and efforts on truly important things. Probably, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction regarding their professional status or their earnings. However, this shouldn’t make them want a radical change, but rather to try and observe unexploited opportunities at their current workplace or in their activity.

• Those born in the year of the Fire Horse have a lot of energy and ambition in 2018. They can now accomplish many of the projects that seemed numb. And for accomplishing these, they have the full support of their friends and acquaintances. Actually, the level of social relations is prominent for them this year; they are effervescent, they shine, but they must not drift away from those that admire and support them. On the financial level, there is impulsivity that can cause important loss. Before deciding to make an investment, they need to stay tempered and then they need a period of time to consider all the financial aspects of important transactions.