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The Dragon in the Dog Year 2018

The compatibility between the dog and the Dragon’s vibrations is not very good. This means that this year the Dragon will have difficulties adapting to the rhythm of the events; they need peace and ambition to obtain satisfying results.

For the Dragon, this year the emphasis is on career, on professional life. We can’t expect them to make big hierarchical leaps, but this year the Dragon could definitely learn a lot, they could accumulate experience and they could prove their training. This year, their professional capacity is being observed and even tested, evaluated. The relationships at the workplace seem to be a little bit frail; there are discrepancies between the levels of training and between the methods used by those around them and those that are less experimented than the Dragon seem to not understand their actions. This is not a good time to dispute professional problems; they could win more by proving the validity and the efficacy of their actions.

For those having more years of experience in their field of activity, this really seems like a moment of recognition for them: diplomas, awards etc…even if they were not expecting this. In this way, new doors or directions could open up for them; they are invited to take charge of new projects, designed especially for them.

There is a lot of activity on the social level; it is important how they behave on this level because they too often happen to find themselves in tense situations and by their nature, they are very little prone to tact and diplomacy.

They wish to assert themselves on the family level, as well. They can get into polemics and disputes with their partner on domestic issues, some of little importance, even when they are in an exterior, ceremonial environment. They have many chances to learn that being right is not that important as it is for partners to nurture full trust and admiration to each other. They could receive substantial support from the close ones now if they were open and if they shared their plans, fears and hopes.

This year is going to be pretty hectic, demanding and they would be most appreciated for their genuineness, precaution and inborn mutual sense.

Those born in the year of the Wood Dragon are asked to share their experience or they are even given credit for their entire activity. Many of those that are retired are requested to come back as examples for the younger ones. Some problems arise with the documents regarding their activity so far; they are not unsolvable, but they are time-consuming and they bring back memories. They keep having an active social life which could bring them unsuspected opportunities. Many start implementing plans that they have been thinking about for quite a while or they start getting involved in new projects.


Those born in the year of the Fire Dragon can reach a peak in their careers. This is not only up to their professional skills, but it is also up to their capacity to cooperate with others. This period is less favorable changing the workplace; the best thing to do would be to adapt to the new conditions. The demands on social and professional levels could make them cut down on the time spent doing activities together with the members of their families. But even so, they should notice that those activities are precisely what could offer them many satisfactions and what could re-charge their batteries.

For those born in the year of the Earth Dragon the dog year 2018 offers them challenges, but also many chances. They could be drawn into something different on a professional level or other professional requests, collateral to the existent ones, could appear. It is their turn to be on the spotlight in their community; their future career evolution depends a great deal to their capacity to face challenges. They are being appreciated according to their deeds, but they are being judged according to their speech and attitude. Their agitated professional life reflects onto their family life, as well. They would better think twice before sacrificing the latter one.

Those born in the year of the Metal Dragon may face adversities or fierce competition on the professional plan. But it is the right moment to distinguish themselves through their qualities. They have many opportunities (courses, training) to increase their individual value. However, their methodical and prudent style has fewer chances of being appreciated because the emphasis is on the capacity to adapt to unexpected events. The family and the personal plan are also demanding now; there is not too much peace and problems must be solved on the go.

Those born in the year of the Water Dragon are going through a phase when they need guidance and support. They need it even more as they are attracted to social life, by the gang, and the models they encounter are not always the best.