Dog Horoscope 2018

What is your Dog Chinese Horoscope Prediction for 2018?
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The Dog in the Year 2018

The Dog is going to love this year because it can offer them all that they want the most: action, speed, motion.

For the Dog, the most favorable level this year is the professional one. They are very dynamic and they do efforts to obtain result and performances in the shortest amount of time. They are bothered by postpones, delays, refusals. This year they have a lot of enthusiasm and they really have chances to obtain remarkable results. This year is good for accomplishing older projects that haven’t been approached yet. They can make it up now for all the delays by being so dynamic and expansive. Furthermore, this year they are also very open to teamwork.

This year, their discontent regarding the evolution of events could make them want to change their workplace. This year is favorable for a new beginning or a new professional project. While on their search of something that satisfies or fulfills them, those born in the years of the Dog might try a new domain for them; they may discover a talent or a vocation. Anyway, their creativity could get very high now; all they need is effort and passion because they do not lack the confidence that they will make it.

In a traditional way, this year is favorable to the Dog on a financial level. The money comes easier, all sorts of unexpected offers for collaborations come up and they receive all sorts of bonuses, gifts, rewards. All of these could make them believe that their luck will last forever, so there will be the danger of not managing their income wisely by spending almost all that they have earned on things of doubtful usefulness.

This year they are more passionate and fully confident. This state of mind makes them very opened to the social, worldly level. They are invited, looked for, admired, appreciated. They can now meet people that will prove to be very important to their future evolution.

For those without a partner, there will certainly be admirers. It is a matter of choice: they can engage in flirts and romances or they can make a choice and start their life together with their half. Those that are involved in a relationship manage to re-ignite the passion of love in their couple. They want to and they manage to spend blissful moments with their loved ones, who recharge their batteries and inspire them. They get fully involved in projects and actions together with the other members of the family.

• Those born in the year of the Metal Dog are being sought and their loved ones ask for their support. Their health looks good; they have all sorts of ideas and projects that take those close to them by surprise. Those that are involved in bigger projects for a long while can now enjoy the appreciation and recognition of their work.



• Those born in the year of the Water Dog are ambitious and full of energy, ready to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that will come up in their careers this year. Some of them even find interesting offers outside the field they are working in now. This year is good from a financial point of view as they can see the rewards of their efforts from the last several years. Many even start to consider a significant investment. Their life experience must help them make some pretty realistic calculations before venturing into a new project.

• Those born in the year of the Wood Dog are very creative and energetic people, they are curious and original. This year they think very seriously whether they are satisfied with what they have done so far. They are determined to make any change that may seem necessary or appropriate to them. Some think about going for leading positions in their organizations (and fate is on their side) and some think they may have more to talk about in a different field or at a different job. This year they think about and even start making some pretty radical changes in their lives.

• Those born in the year of the Fire Dog are capable and determined. However, in order to benefit from their chances of promotion on the professional level, they must recreate or get closer connections with people on key-positions. The most favorable moments for those looking for a job are the end of winter, the beginning of spring and the first months of autumn. There are going to be important events on a personal level too: the decision to legalize their relationship, moving to a new home, the birth of a child. They give a lot of interest in family life.

• Those born in the year of the Earth Dog benefit of multiple chances, now, at the beginning of their careers. They find it easy to follow their road and they are not discouraged by the conditions at their job, which are not up to their expectations. They make efforts to be seen. They are open and confident and they create relationships that will prove to be very useful later on.