Compatibility of the Pig with the Other Signs in 2019

Find out which sign you're going to get on with in 2019.
Pig compatibility with other signs for 2019.


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An empathic couple, the partners respect each other.

  • Personality traits they have in common: honesty, cleverness, responsibility.
  • Love, marriage, relationships: amplify the emotional communication. Talk about your intentions with patience and gentleness. Be brave and open your hearts, show emotions, and you will be winners.
  • Money, career, and business: you’ll have some chances if you give up on your stubbornness and being critical. The rat can count on the loyalty and the strength of the pig.  During a negotiation, the rat must be braver and take action, so they win with their incredible knowledge.


Pride will destroy your relationship.

  • Personality traits they have in common: stubbornness.
  • Love, marriage, relationships: you have different personalities, which generate mixed reactions. The relationship might work if the Ox accepts and values the worries that the pig can take. The relationship is slow, and the flame of love is going to die.
  • Money, career, and business: money doesn’t come easy because of stubbornness and selfishness. You don’t excel in your job. You could try to associate with a Snake to improve your results and speaking abilities.


It is a stable and happy relationship. Many business winnings.

  • Personality traits they have in common: loveliness, kindness.
  • Love, marriage, relationships: a fantastic relationship thanks to the pig’s patience and the romantic spirit of the tiger. The flame of love is kept alive by cuteness and sweetness.
  • Money, career, and business: the spendthrift tiger will be kept under control by the calculated pig. As a result of the successful completion of the plans, the pig’s loyalty and diligence will be met with the richness of the generous Tiger. Start a trusting business together!


A successful home and business win.

  • Personality traits they have in common: gentleness, elegance.
  • Love, marriage, relationships: Beauty, fulfillment, understanding. What can be more beautiful than a happy house that emanates love and joy in the hearts of its occupants? Use intelligence in the most harmonious way possible.
  • Money, career, and business: You achieve excellent performances together, you can influence others, you head to repeated victories, people respect you, you can transform others through charisma and intelligence.


There’s no chance.

  • Personality traits they share: stubbornness.
  • Love, marriage, relationships: the marriage relationship is compromised. Conflicts, quarrels, divorces. Both partners suffer emotionally. Do not marry in the hope that you will change each other. For it to go well, the relationship requires intensive work, backed by unconditional love.
  • Money, career, and business: The pig gets obsessed with criticizing the energetic Dragon. Money remains stuck in potential. Businesses do not grow; they even end up disastrously — many conflicts. You should look out for more compatible business partners.


Love and Happiness at home.

  • Personality traits they share: free spirit
  • Love, marriage, relationships: Good and happy life. Humility and honesty dissolve into the elixir of wisdom, and as a result, understanding and fulfillment occur. The house echoes of joy.
  • Money, career, and business: Efficiency and discretion. Failures can arise from the spoils you give up. Through work and modesty, you can have remarkable results on the beach of finances. Be patient, and you will see the results of all your hard work.


In business, you make a great couple with amazing results.

  • Personality traits they share: responsibility.
  • Love, marriage, relationships: harmony is stemming from mutual respect. The pig is amazed by the horse’s intelligence and popularity. With patience and perseverance, the pig conquers the horse irremediably.
  • Money, career, and business: courage and diligence attract substantial gains. The horse’s entrepreneurial abilities shake hands with Pig’s stability, honesty, and courage. Continue with the confidence to do business together!


The flaws come out, and you don’t win.

  • Personality traits they share: pessimism.
  • Love, marriage, relationships: with communication and patience, the relationship might work. But most of the time you’ll feel like home is an unhappy place and so will lead to a wrong change of character.
  • Money, career, and business: activate your creativity and strength to go forward. Give up to pessimism and criticism. Do not set too high goals to avoid disappointing if you do not. Adopt a positive and optimistic attitude!


The monkey is way more sexual than the pig, which can be a problem sometimes. They could also have a great time together. 

  • Personality traits they share: charismatic, loyal, and trustful.
  • Love, marriage, relationships: It will be hard for both parts of the couple to understand each other as you are not suitable when communicating. So your marriage won't be the best one. You will have to go through tough moments in your love life. 
  • Money, career, and business: The Earth Pig requires patience in money and business for this year, but Monkeys aren't willing to collaborate with them because they don't have the patience needed. 


Whimsical love. Compromises in business

  • Personality traits they share: stubbornness.
  • Love, marriage, relationship: You like to contradict yourselves. The relationship can work by activating gentleness and amplifying love. Give yourselves more space to avoid choking each other.
  • Money, career, and business: The rooster can become too costly for the prudent PIG. You are well on the side of responsibility and courage. You can attract money, but pay attention to the terms and conditions when you are signing contracts.


It’s a relationship full of tenderness and affection.

  • Personality traits they share: common sense, loyalty
  • Love, marriage, relationship: You understand each other perfectly. If you criticize, disharmony can occur. You are loyal and respectful to each other. Allow more time to harmonize your relationship, through holidays and periodic walks.
  • Money, career, and business: you can lose because of your stubbornness. What makes you unbeatable in business is the feeling of trust that you generate, but also honesty. Do not get caught up in negativity and criticizing yourself. Businesses that require honest work are better for you. Do not hang on speculations


A productive relationship. You will make a fortune!

  • Personality traits they share: honesty
  • Love, marriage, relationship: peace, and understanding under the same roof. Even if you have two different personalities, you have the talent to make things go right.
  • Money, career, and business: Materialism + intelligence = wealth. Together you can launch in business with confidence. The pig’s responsibility will make the Pig work for pleasure. Good luck and smiles. You will have many victories and material satisfactions